music ruled by prime numbers, inspired by space travel and urged by alienation

Josef Kowalsky is a progressive jazz project led and composed for by Amsterdam-based bass player Marta Golka. The name of the band was inspired by the main character of Franz Kafka’s iconic novel “The Trial.” In their music, jazz improvisations, progressive rhythms and pop harmonies collide, forming gripping musical landscapes. The band gave their debut concert in February 2023 in front of a full house at Splendor – Amsterdam’s well-known hub for innovative music. The recording of Josef Kowalsky’s debut EP “Flares” was supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and a successful crowdfunding campaign at “Flares” is available for purchase or streaming on all platforms.


Josef Kowalsky is:

Micheal Murray - alto sax
Ante Medić - guitar
Jorge Fernández - piano
Marta Golka - bass
Diego Miranda - drums

"Awesome writing, great performance. Elements of rock, pop production, intriguing rhythmic grooves and beautiful singable melodies.
I expect this group to make their way to the clubs and festivals soon!"
Jeroen Vierdag (The Ploctones, Caro Emerald)

Debut EP "Flares" out now!

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