"Flares" is out

It's been quite a process, but the debut EP “Flares” of Josef Kowalsky is finally out. On the 13th of October it dropped on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp and it's also available for purchase digitally in my store. I wanted to thank everyone who supported us through it and everyone involved in its creation - first of all, The Guys: Micheal Murray (sax), Ante Medić (gtr), Jorge Fernández (pn) and Diego Miranda (dr); and the engineering team: Ido Zilberman (recording), Marcel Fakkers (mix) and Wessel Oltheten (mastering). The beautiful cover was made by Bart Corver.

There's a first for everything and this was a first for me - releasing the music I composed and produced myself. And as it usually happens with the firsts, the learning curve was steep. The amount of factors that played a part in the process that were not even directly related to the music itself, was something I didn't account for. It took it's toll and I'm honestly exhausted, but also proud that it's all done, finished and out in the world. Now a little celebration, a little vacation and onto the next thing. 🤓

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