Debut EP of Josef Kowalsky is recorded!

Making dreams come true! At the end of February we hit the studio -2 at the Conservatory of Amsterdam to record Josef Kowalsky's debut EP under a watchful eye (hearful ear?) of Ido Zilberman. They were really intense two days with lots to do and very little time to do it. But in the end it turned out more than fine. I'm super proud of and thankful to the band for putting so much effort and love into the recording and I can't wait to hear it in its final form. For me as a composer of this material it was quite an emotional moment to enter the studio with the sole purpose to record only my original music (for the first time) and hope it will only open the gate to so much more. Now onto the next stage which is mixing, mastering and preparing all else for the release!

(P.S. It's expected to come out somewhere in the Autumn.)

For now, you can watch the EP announcement and stay tuned for the updates!


Photo: @maryrosecowden

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